Carlos Monzon Book | Fistful of Murder: The Fights and Crimes of Carlos Monzon

Fistful of Murder: The Fights and Crimes of Carlos Monzon

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Coming November 10, 2020!

From the pages of Fistful of Murder

The death of Alicia Muniz wasn’t a complete surprise to anyone who knew Carlos Monzon. The surprise was that no one else had died in his company.

He had a volcanic temper. He drank heavily and used cocaine. He drove recklessly, had a fascination with guns, and had been arrested many times for physical assaults. In February of 1988, with his personal life in shreds, Monzon had finally reached the nadir of an existence defined by hostility, with nothing to obstruct his most savage instincts.

Carlos Monzon was one of Argentina’s most celebrated figures. A renowned boxing champion and movie actor who enjoyed affairs with beautiful women, he also harbored a secret life of drug use, alcohol, and domestic violence. When his estranged wife was found dead―strangled and tossed from a balcony―Monzon confessed that they’d fought the night before, but he couldn’t remember what had happened. The resulting murder trial cast a long shadow over Monzon’s legacy and launched a decades-long battle between his critics and defenders.

In A Fistful of Murder, Don Stradley explores Monzon’s turbulent life, from his beginnings in poverty to his dramatic rise to stardom, all the way to the case that shook a country―and still haunts Argentina today.

A Fistful of Murder: The Fights and Crimes of Carlos Mozon is the sixth in the Hamilcar Noir series. Hamilcar Noir is “Hard-Hitting True Crime” that blends boxing and true crime, featuring riveting stories captured in high-quality prose, with cover art inspired by classic pulp novels.

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