Hamilcar Publications and Rival Boxing Gear are proud to announce a multifaceted partnership between two industry leaders in the world of boxing.

The first phase of the partnership has launched, with Rival Boxing offering Hamilcar’s boxing books for sale. Consumers can now find the books on Rival Boxing’s websites, and soon in their four retail stores.

“This is a global partnership that spans all of our locations–Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia,” said Rival Boxing Gear’s CEO Russ Anber. “We are excited to work with Hamilcar not only because they are putting out the finest quality books about boxing, but I have enjoyed the friendship that I’ve built with the founders, Kyle Sarofeen and Andy Komack,” added Anber.

“This is the ideal partnership for us because we are not just a book publisher; we love boxing and books in equal measure,” says co-founder Kyle Sarofeen. “Our aim is to share that passion with book-buyers worldwide, and Rival Boxing is an excellent fit for us. Rival is the market leader in boxing gear, and we are proud to be associated with their brand,” added Sarofeen.

Co-founder Andy Komack adds, “ Russ is a pleasure to work with, his company is the leader in quality gear, and we see opportunities beyond simply selling books through Rival. This is a true partnership. We will  be helping Rival build their brand through exposure on our Hannibal Boxing journalism website, and we will  be adding back-page ads for Rival to our Hamilcar Noir series of “hard-hitting true crime” books. The concept of placing ads in the back of that series has always been in our plans, and we already do it by placing ads for our own books in the back of those books. It’s a real throwback to pulpy, noir paperbacks in the ’40s and ’50s.”

“But because both companies have such an entrepreneurial spirit, we are sure that we can find even more creative ways to help each other grow,” says Komack. 


A Canadian-owned global leader in the market, Rival Boxing Gear offers innovative, stylish equipment specifically designed for boxers, by boxers. Our line of products has been developed based on extensive research and an in-depth knowledge of the industry, using only the highest quality materials available. Learn more about Rival Boxing Gear at https://rivalboxing.com.


Hamilcar Publications, a division of Hannibal Boxing Media, is a Boston-based book publisher focused on professional boxing, true crime, and hip-hop. Hamilcar’s titles showcase the work of some of the finest writers in the world, offering compelling subjects that appeal to fans of the “sweet science” as well as to readers who are passionate about great nonfiction storytelling, regardless of genre. Subjects range from Muhammad Ali’s “hype man” Drew “Bundini” Brown to the flamboyant Puerto-Rican-American legend, Hector “Macho” Camacho, to an examination of the issue of boxing and CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), formerly known as “Punch-Drunk Syndrome.” Hamilcar is quickly expanding into true crime and hip-hop and actively acquiring titles in those categories. Learn more about Hamilcar Publications here https://hamilcarpubs.com.

Hamilcar Co-Founder, Kyle Sarofeen, and Rival Boxing CEO, Russ Anber, Discuss Boxing, Books, and More!

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