Hamilcar Publications Gives Back to Boxing Community

This is an excerpt from an article that was originally published by the Independent Booksellers Association (IBPA). You can read the full article here.

IBPA member and independent publisher Hamilcar Publications begins publishing books this month, and they’re starting off with a one-two punch. Not only are they about to publish their first title, Off the Ropes: The Ron Lyle Story, but they are also making sure they give back to the boxing community right from the start.

“Very organically, Kyle [Sarofeen] and I decided at the start of Hamilcar Publications that we would find a charity that was helping boxers in need,” said Hamilcar Publications co-founder Andy Komack. “We know that the sport is violent and the vast majority of the boxers are not wealthy stars that are in the limelight. And we know that if we are publishing books about boxers, boxing history, and the culture of boxing, we are profiting from this violence. It is a strange thing to enjoy the sweet science of boxing and watch these warriors compete, and still know that there is an aftermath.”

You can read the full article here.

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